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Welcome to the website of the
Historical Harp Society

The Journal of the Historical Harp Society
Egberto Bermudez, General Editor
Anne Humphrey, Assistant Editor

To cultivate, foster, sponsor, and develop
 appreciation of the art, history, literature
 and uses of historical harps.

To promote appreciation of and to raise the
 level of proficiency in the performance and
 use of historical harps.

To keep historical harp makers and performers,
 along with other friends of the historical harp,
 informed about literature and activities
 pertaining to historical harps, and to provide
 occasions for them to meet.

To promote the use of historical harps as professional
 instruments, and to encourage their use among amateurs.

To encourage the reconstruction of historical harps.

To collect and disseminate information regarding the
 construction of and performance upon historical harps.

The Historical Harp Society has begun producing two regular paper publications.

The primary goal of the new Bulletin is ongoing print formal contact with members: news,activities, helpful practical information.  Details below.

The primary goal of the new Journal is to publish formal academic research suitable for library archives.  Details below.

Schedule: The last Journal in the old format was published January 2005.
The new Bulletin began February 2005 as a quarterly.
In 2005-6 we published three issues: October, February, and May,
  and we expect to continue this pattern.

The new academic Journal will be published annually.
The web site is changing to reflect our new direction.
Back issues will be archived for members only.

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Communication about the journal or bulletin should be directed to:
  , editor,
Historical Harp Society Journal '04 / Bulletin '05

Samples from Back Issues
(a few older articles directly online)  Now for members only

Locate an article in a back issue of the Journal,  Bulletin or  Newsletter
The three names are successive :  Newsletter 1990-93,
Bulletin 1994-2001, Journal 2002-4
 (from 2005 onward, the "Journal" is our academic publication.)

Subscribing to the Bulletin and Journal is easy!

Subscription:   Contact Jean Humphrey and ask for one!
From 2005 forward, HHS membership will include both
 the news Bulletin and the new academic Journal,
as well as password access to the archives and old Newletter.

HHS Journal Content
    Critiques of current publications: books, articles, scores, recordings
    Academic articles
    Correspondence regarding previous journal articles
    Submission guidelines

HHS Bulletin Content
    Guide to ongoing projects/activities:
         workshops, conferences, publications, survey, iconography:
           description, purpose, how to help, access
    Reports from committes and projects
    Meeting minutes
    Upcoming event announcements for HHS and sanctioned events
       schedules, descriptions, details, registration forms
    Upcoming performances of interest
    Past events: reports and photographs
    Descriptions of new resources available (but published by another group)
       recordings, scores, books, articles
    Reports from members on personal experiences or efforts of interest
       repertoire, technique, instrument building, repair, care, other equipment or accessories,
       source material, iconography
    Personal or general news realted to harp career or efforts
       news bits list, letters on news topics, interviews on news topics
    "Ask the Expert" Column
       questions, answers, submission guidelines
    Membership form
    Submission guidelines

Procedure for submitting an article to be published:

Send all material for publication (letters, news, articles, images) to the editor,
 with a cover letter stating your intention:

631 North 3rd Avenue
St. Charles  IL  60174

Content Manager: David C Nelson
update: May 3, 2006