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Current Officers and Board� -�� 2005-2006

President: Babz Schilke
VP: Paul Knoke
Secretary: David C. Nelson
Treasurer: Jean Humphrey
�� Assistant Treasurer: Edith Dersch

Board:� Linda Bertelsen; Bill Campbell; Ron Cook;
Edith Dersch;
� Cheryl Fulton; Sara Lackie; Christa Patton; Steven Starling

Faculty Advisors: William Taylor; Judit Kadar;
� Nancy Thym-Hochrein; Ron Cook; Becky Baxter; Egberto Bermudez

Communications Director:
Journal Editor:

Journal Staff:� Anne Humphrey

Web Site Publisher: David C. Nelson
Design: Daniel Sullivan
Content Editor: David C Nelson

slate of officers to serve 2005-2006:Babz Schilke, President; Paul Knoke, Vice-President; David Nelson, Secretary; Jean Humphrey, Treasurer.Ron Cook moved that the board accept this slate; it was seconded and passed unanimously.The following Trustees? terms have expired: Linda Bertelsen, Catherine Campbell.Cheryl Fulton and Edith Dersch are leaving as officers, and both willing to serve on экскурсии в сергиев посад из москвы цена the Board.Linda Bertelsen is eligible for another term, and Bill Campbell is willing to replace Catherine.Cheryl, Edith, Linda, and Bill were presented to the Board for new terms

updated� 3/2/2006