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The seasons are Spr Sum Fall Win and the last two digits of years from either millenium.
Not all four seasons had publications every year.  This list goes back to 1990.
Newsletter 1990-93,   Bulletin 1994-2001,   Journal 2002-4
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Issue Date Article Author
I-1 Win 90 Officer Biographies L. Sprung
I-1 Win 90 President's Message C. Fulton
I-1 Win 90 HH Conference & Workshop, part 1 L. Crawford
I-1 Win 90 Annual Workshop & Conference Report G. Ortega-Miller
I-1 Win 90 Abstracts: Two Papers on Triple Harp L. Sprung
I-1 Win 90 Evaluations of Workshop & Conference J. Humphrey
I-1 Win 90 Charter Member List
I-2 Spr 91 President's Message C. Fulton
I-2 Spr 91 Articles of Incorporation
I-2 Spr 91 Code of Regulations
I-2 Spr 91 History of Ballet Harpist C. Price-Glynn
I-2 Spr 91 Historical Method Celtic Harp C. Bayer
I-2 Spr 91 Annual Workshop & Conference #8
I-2 Spr 91 Estampie C. Fulton
I-2 Spr 91 Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil H. Henry
I-2 Spr 91 List of Historical Harp Builders
I-3 Sum 91 Art of Continuo J. Humphrey
I-3 Sum 91 L'Arboscello ballo Furlano Antwerper Tanz
I-3 Sum 91 List of Historical Harp Builders-2
I-3 Sum 91 President's Message C. Fulton
II-1 Win 91 President's Message C. Fulton
II-1 Win 91 History of HHS part 2 L. Crawford
II-1 Win 91 Summary of conference Lectures 84-91
II-1 Win 91 Review of 9th WorkshoP & Conference L. Sprung
II-1 Win 91 Minutes of Annual Meetings R. Cook
II-1 Win 91 Spanish Cross Strung J. Sayre
II-1 Win 91 Ap Huw Manuscript bibliography
II-2 Spr 92 Announce 92 Workshop & Conference
II-2 Spr 92 French Harp Lays in Scottish Ballads N. Thym-Hochrein
II-2 Spr 92 Member List
II-2 Spr 92 Book Reviews Sprung/Taylor
II-3 Sum 92 Workshop & Conference Preview
II-3 Sum 92 Build an Adungu L. Trott
II-3 Sum 92 Flying with Your Harp B. Taylor
II-3 Sum 92 Commemoration of Belfast G. Balsewicz
III-1 Win 92 Builder List L. Sprung
III-1 Win 92 Meet the Board, part 1 R. Cook
III-1 Win 92 Blankenburg Seminar N. Thym-Hochrein
III-1 Win 92 Harp in 15th Century Spain E. Bermudez
III-1 Win 92 Psaumes de David, Lamandier J. Wheeler
III-1 Win 92 Workshop Conference Review S. Smith
III-1 Win 92 President's Message C. Fulton
III-1 Win 92 SFEMS Medieval Workshop H. Rifas
III-2 Spr 93 Workshop & Conference Announced C. Fulton
III-2 Spr 93 Historical Harp Issues C. Crawford
III-2 Spr 93 Formation of Ardival Harps D. Green
III-2 Spr 93 Iconographical Pitfalls N. Thym-Hochrein
III-2 Spr 93 Member List
III-2 Spr 93 Survey Project C. Pearo
III-3 Sum 93 Workshop & Conference Preview C. Fulton
III-3 Sum 93 Early Music Societies
III-3 Sum 93 Skene Manuscript Sample L. Sprung
III-3 Sum 93 Survey Project A. Reitelmann
IV-1 Win 94 President's Message C. Fulton
IV-1 Win 94 Annual Meetings Minutes
IV-1 Win 94 Tree of Strings A. Kinnaird
IV-1 Win 94 Harp Stool Cushion C. Fulton
IV-1 Win 94 Historical Harp Concert Program
IV-2 Spr 94 Harpists of Paraguay A. Hardulfi
IV-2 Spr 94 On-Line Harping D. Kortier
IV-2 Spr 94 Survey Project C. Pearo
IV-2 Spr 94 Announce 94 Workshop & Conference J. Humphrey
IV-2 Spr 94 Book Reviews B. Taylor
IV-3 Sum 94 Silent Auction Announced
IV-3 Sum 94 The Chromatic Harp B. Brown
IV-3 Sum 94 Abstracts of Conference Papers
IV-4 Fall 94 President's Message R. Cook
IV-4 Fall 94 Workshop Report B. Root
IV-4 Fall 94 Annual Meetings Minutes L. Sprung
IV-4 Fall 94 Internet Harp Sites
IV-4 Fall 94 Early Harp in Minneapolis D. Kortier
IV-4 Fall 94 A. L. King on Accompaniment J. Humphrey
V-1 Win 95 Announce 95 Workshop & Conference
V-1 Win 95 Rowallan Consort, Heymann B. Larson
V-1 Win 95 Why Copy Historical Harps? R. Evans
V-1 Win 95 The Dump and the Harp R. Cook
V-2 Spr 95 President's Message R. Cook
V-2 Spr 95 Conference & Workshop Preview B. Taylor
V-2 Spr 95 Paul Echols Memorial R. Cook
V-2 Spr 95 Heymann Workshop D. Kortier
V-2 Spr 95 Paul's Dump R. Cook
V-3 Sum 95 Editorial Policy Statement D. Kortier
V-3 Sum 95 Utrecht Symposium C. Fulton
V-3 Sum 95 Announce HHS Web Page L. Sprung
V-3 Sum 95 Tuning the Medieval Harp R. Cook
V-3 Sum 95 "Folk" Harp in Baroque Orchestra C. Fulton
V-3 Sum 95 Member List
V-4 Fall 95 Profile of Judit Kadar R. Cook
V-4 Fall 95 Ap Huw Symposium B. Taylor
V-4 Fall 95 Amsterdam HHS Meeting B. Taylor
V-4 Fall 95 US Builder List
V-4 Fall 95 Annual Meetings Minutes L. Sprung
V-4 Fall 95 Celtic Harp Bibliography J. Humphrey
VI-1 Win 96 Announce Workshop & Conference
VI-1 Win 96 John Brown Gothic P. Knoke
VI-1 Win 96 Abstracts of 95 Conference L. Sprung
VI-1 Win 96 Early Harp Career Decisions B. Taylor
VI-1 Win 96 Castle & Court Music of Scotland B. Taylor
VI-1 Win 96 HHS Board and Officers
VI-2 Spr 96 An Irish Chromatic Harp G. Yeats
VI-2 Spr 96 President's Message R. Cook
VI-2 Spr 96 "Good Night" Divisions R. Cook
VI-2 Spr 96 "The Auld Alliance, 1295-1995" B. Taylor
VI-2 Spr 96 Announce AEM Harp Workshop
VI-2 Spr 96 Announce European Workshop
VI-3 Sum 96 Performance Practice and Harp R. Jackson
VI-3 Sum 96 Browning, Jenkins Aire G. Bachmann, arr
VI-4 Fall 96 Iconographic Source Threatened J. Sayre
VI-4 Fall 96 Workshop & Conference Review C. Whiteside
VI-4 Fall 96 Minutes of Annual Meetings
VII-1 Win 97 Treasurer's Report; Challenge Grant J. Humphrey
VII-1 Win 97 Ultimate Tuner? J. Humphrey
VII-2 Sum 97 Harpe de Melodie C. Fulton
VII-2 Sum 97 Member List
VIII-1 Fall 97 Editor's Message C.A. Fulton
VII-1 Fall 97 Advice on Playing Late Medieval Harp C. A. Fulton
VIII-1 Fall 97 Gut Strings
VIII-1 Fall 97 Music: Rondellus  B. McJohn, arr
VIII-2 Win 98 President's Message E. Bermudez
VIII-2 Win 98 Harper's Song in Ancient Egypt J. Wheeler
VIII-2 Win 98 Index to Bulletin 1990-97
VIII-2 Win 98 Review: Bunting by Murphy E. Tepper
VIII-2 Win 98 Music: La Traditora B. McJohn, arr
VIII-3 Spr 98 Overview of Development of Pedal Harp P. Knoke
VIII-3 Spr 98 Music: La Cornetta B. McJohn, arr
VIII-4 Sum 98 Presence and Use of Brays thru 17C R. Cook
IX-1 Win 99 Code of Regulations of HHS
IX-1 Win 99 Minutes of Annual Meetings
IX-1 Win 99 Budget Report
IX-2 Spr 99 Galilei's Comments on the Arpa Doppia Fulton & de Marco
IX-3 Fall 99 Review: HHS Workshop 1999
IX-3 Fall 99 The Historical Harp in Central Ohio R. Cook
X-1 Win 00 Abstracts from 1999 Conference, part I J. Humphrey
X-1 Win 00 European Historical Harp Sampler C. Whiteside
X-1 Win 00 Angelorum - Medieval Harp Ensemble C. A. Fulton
X-2 Spr 00 Abstracts from 1999 Conference, part 2 J. Humphrey
X-2 Spr 00 Interview with Andrew Lawrence King C. Whiteside
X-3 Sum 00 The 15th Century Harp & Lute Duet, part 1 R. Cook
X-3 Sum 00 Interview with Catherine Campbell C. Whiteside
X-4 Fall 00 The 15th Century Harp & Lute Duet, part 2 R. Cook
X-4 Fall 00 Italian Chromatic Harps E. Kleinmann
X-4 Fall 00 Interview with Rainer Thurau C. Whiteside
XI-1 Win 01 Editor's Note; Historical Harp Growth C. Whiteside
XI-1 Win 01 Reprints Available from Conference
XI-1 Win 01 HHS Rental Harp J. Humphrey
XI-1 Win 01 Minutes of Annual Meetings
XI-1 Win 01 Seminar at 2000 Workshop J. Humphrey
XI-1 Win 01 Interview with Mara Galassi C. Whiteside
XI-1 Win 01 Book and Recording Reviews
XI-1 Win 01 2001 Workshop & Conference Announced
XI-2 Spr 01 Abstracts from Annual Conference J. Humphrey
XI-2 Spr 01 Interview with Drew Minter C. Whiteside
XI-2 Spr 01 Book Reviews
XI-2 Spr 01 Program of 02 Conference & Workshop
XI-2 Spr 01 Faculty Biographies
XI-2 Spr 01 Interview with Jan Walters C. Whiteside
XI-3 Sum 01 Improvising a Medieval Prelude, part 1 R. Cook
XI-3 Sum 01 The Spanish Double Harp H. DeVere
XI-3 Sum 01 Interview with Nan Gullo Richmond P. Knoke
XI-3 Sum 01 Conferences & Workshops in 2001
XI-4 Fall 01 Editor's Note; Goals of the Publication C. Whiteside
XI-4 Fall 01 President's Message B. Baxter
XI-4 Fall 01 Reports on HHS Projects
XI-4 Fall 01 Minutes of Annual Meetings
XI-4 Fall 01 Development of the Pedal Harp S. Milligan
XI-4 Fall 01 Conference Abstracts: Gullo, Lawergren J. Humphrey
XI-4 Fall 01 Improvising a Medieval Prelude, part 2 R. Cook
XI-4 Fall 01 Interview with Hannelore DeVere C. Whiteside
XII-1 Win 02 Editor's Note: Meet New Editor P. Fagerburg
XII-1 Win 02 Minutes of Annual Meetings J. Chybowski
XII-1 Win 02 HHS Internet Project M. Hammond
XII-1 Win 02 Improvising a Medieval Prelude, part 3 R. Cook
XII-1 Win 02 Conference Abstracts: Dirie, Lawergren J. Humphrey
XII-1 Win 02 The Triple Harp in Handel's "Esther" C. Fulton
XII-2 Spr 02 Preview of 02 Conference & Workshop
XII-2 Spr 02 Faculty Biographies
XII-2 Spr 02 Harps in Latin America E. Bermudez
XII-2 Spr 02 Were Marie's Lais Performed? - abstract R. Cook
XII-2 Spr 02 Conference Abstract: Knight J. Humphrey
XII-2 Spr 02 Improvising a Medieval Prelude, part 4 R. Cook
XII-2 Spr 02 Egan Harp Donation N. Hurrell
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 HHS Officers
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Minutes of Annual Meetings
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Conference Summary J. Humphrey
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Workshop Impressions Nelson/Berthleson
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Workshop classes: King, Kadar N. Hurrell
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 A. L. King Lecture Notes - Tactus J. Humphrey
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Melodic Variations in Troubadour MS R. Cook
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 T-Shirt 02; Trabaci C. Fulton
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Historical Harp Concert Program
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Identity of Ludovico, additional remarks E. Bermudez
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Petrini Harp Concerto; HHS Publication
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Interview with Nancy Thym-Hochrein C. Whiteside
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Egan Harp Update N. Hurrell
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Concert Reviews: Fulton, Duo Marchand Albers/Page
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Improvising a Medieval Prelude, part 5 R. Cook
XII-3, XIII-1 Win 03 Announce Boston Early Harp Symposium
XIII-2 Spr 03 Editor's Notes C. Fulton
XIII-2 Spr 03 Program: Boston Early Harp Symposium
XIII-2 Spr 03 Program: 20th Workshop & Conference
XIII-2 Spr 03 The Royal Portable Harp by John Egan N. Hurrell
XIII-2 Spr 03 Conference Abstracts: Bermudez, Charry J. Humphrey
XIII-2 Spr 03 T-Shirt 93: Mersenne C. Fulton
XIII-3 Sum 03 Baghdad Lyre; The Case for Small Harps Lawergren, Taylor
XIII-3 Sum 03 Strings of Gold A & C Heyman
XIII-3 Sum 03 San Francisco Harp Exhibit C. Fulton
XIII-3 Sum 03 T-Shirt 90, Harp & Lute R. Cook
XIV-1 Win 04 From the Editor / From the President

XIV-1 Win 04 Member News
S. Crljenko

XIV-1 Win 04 Historical Harps Celebrate 20th Anniversary  
    J. Humphrey

XIV-1 Win 04 Cantigas & Sephardic Song at  '03  HHS  W
    D. C. Nelson

XIV-1 Win 04 Tristan's Harp: Were Marie's Lais Performed
    R. Cook

XIV-1 Win 04 Upcoming Workshops
S. Crljenko

XIV-1 Win 04 HHS Iconography Collection Project
S. Crljenko


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