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2004 Conference and Workshop

was held in conjunction with Madison Early Music Festival at Madison, WI, July 9 -17, 2004.

Artistic Director: Christa Patton

Conference Director: Egberto Bermudez

The Historical Harp Society?s annualConference andWorkshop was held in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2004 in collaboration with the Madison Early Music Festival (MEMF). The HHS Conference (July 9 ? 11) featured lectures, demonstrations and concerts, with hands-on workshop classes continuing throughout the following week (July 11-17).

The HHS workshop faculty featured Judy Kadar, Becky Baxter, Grinne Yeats, and workshop director Christa Patton. Classes included technique and repertoire of the Italian baroque triple harp, 17th century vocal repertoire with harp continuo, Arab and Sephardic influences in Venetian music, music of Dufay, Landini and other early Italian Renaissance composers, performing ancient Irish harp laments and transporting single line laments for harpers of all levels of technique. Also, a beginning harp class welcomed harp enthusiasts and novices.

Contact Jean Humphrey at for a HHS brochure with current programming.

If you are interested in the Madison Early Music Festival, contact Chelcy Bowles, for a MEMF brochure, or visit the MEMF website: http://www.dcs.wisc.edu/lsa/memf/

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