2003 Workshop
Historical Harp
Early Harps
2003 Workshop

Historical Harp Society
20th Annual Workshop and Conference
July 25-August 1,2003 with the Amherst Early Music Festival
The University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut
Judy Kadar, Founder and Artistic Director
Egberto Bermudez, Conference Director
BabZ Schilke, HHS President
Conference Lectures
Bill Taylor
-"Stop It!" Fingernail and damping techniques for Scottish & Irish wire-strung clarsachs and late medieval Welsh bray harps
Judy Kadar and Steve Starling - About the Trecento harp: a preliminary report on the Howard Mayer Brown Trecento Musical Iconography Collection at the Newberry Library, Chicago
Bo Lawergren - Bes, the harper -This ancient Egyptian god counted the harp among his favorite instruments.
Daniel Sheehy - The Arpa Jarocha and the Arpa Grande: The Evolutionary Counterpoint of Two Mexican Regional Musical Traditions
Egberto Bermudez - Twenty years after: issues and certainties about the history of the harp
Paul Knoke - The Crochet-action Pedal Harp - the first American reproduction of an 18th century crochet action pedal harp Nan Gullo-Richmond - All you want to know about Phillip Joseph Hinner (1745-1805, teacher of Marie-Antoinette) and MORE
Colleen Baade - Harps and Harpists in Female Monasteries in Early Modern Castile
Becky Baxter
- Spanish Tablature Reading {for Dummies} & Spanish Grounds and Dances of the 17Th Century
Egberto Bermudez - A survey of Early Latin American Music (for all instruments and voices)
Egberto Bermudez & Judy Kadar - Sephardic Music Egberto Bermudez & Jennifer Lane - Spanish 17th Century Song
Judy Kadar - The Franco-Flemish Connection & Beginning Renaissance Harp Cheryl Ann Fulton - Fulton Intermediate Technique for Historical Harp & Fulton Technique forArpa Doppia (double and triple harps)
Cheryl Ann Fulton & Danny Johnson - At the Court of Alfonso the Wise (for Singers and Medieval Big Band)
Andrew Lawrence-King - "LuzyNorte": Spanish Continue Summit & THEATRE PROJECT "La purpura de la rosa", The first New World Opera (Lima, Peru 1701) Bill Taylor - Ancient Welsh Harp Music: Understanding the Robert ap Huw MS. & Music from Ireland and Scotland for Wire-strung Clarsach & Beyond Robert ap Huw: Using the Stopped Style for Late Medieval Music
Ron Cook - Ornamentation of 16th Century Music on the Harp Historical Harp
Other Events:
Concert, Student Performances, Instrument Exhibition, AEM faculty & All-Workshop Collegium concerts, post-concert party
The Historical Harp Society reserves the right to substitute conference speakers or to change presentation offerings or the schedule due to extenuating circumstances, for a full listing and the most current information write to: Historical Harp Society, c/o Jean Humphrey, 631 North 3rd Avenue, St. Charles, IL, 60174, USA, BigHarper@aol.com.
full conference (Friday evening-Sunday afternoon   $   70
discounted fee for workshop participants           $   40
partial fee: one day only                            $   40
partial fee: one day only for workshop participant    $   25
MEMBERSHIP Historical Harp Society annual membership  $   25
Conference fees and memberships should be sent directly to
Historical Harp Society
631 North 3rd Avenue
St. Charles, IL 60174 Phone and fax: 630.584.5259 E-Mail: BigHarper@aol.com No credit card service available.
WORKSHOP TUITION registration fee    $   25
full tuition, full week of classes, concerts, lectures    $450
Workshop fees should be paid directly to
Amherst Early Music.
50 Hovey Street
Watertown,MA 02472
Phone: 617.744.1324      Fax: 617.744.1327
Email: info@amherstearlymusic.org
Web: www.amhersteariymusic.org
MasterCard, Visa, and AmEx may be used.
You can register for the workshop by downloading a form from the AEM website above and sending it in by mail, e-mail or fax. You can also call the AEM office at the number above or send an e-mail with your address and AEM will send you a brochure.
Make reservation and payment through Amherst Early Music
CONFERENCE ROOM ONLY (NO MEALS) Transient nightly housing will be priced at $25-$75 per night, depending on room type chosen. Fewer room options are available for transient housing. Transient housing does not include a meal card.
WORKSHOP ROOM AND BOARD Meal cards function from Sunday July 27th dinner to Sunday August 3rd breakfast. Other meals may be purchased individually for cash or obtained at local establishments. Rooms are available with several options, including single and double, with hall bath, private bath, or semi-private bath, and with or without AC. Room and board packages for the week are priced starting at $345. More details will be available from the Amherst Early Music website in June.
MISCELLANEOUS Photocopy fees from $10.00 - $25.00 depending on classes taken.